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If you need a German to English translation, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Japanese or any other language, Alphatrad Regensburg offers it’s proven high quality linguistic and interpreting services in over 100 languages and dialects. 

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Linguistic and Translation Services in Regensburg

Interesting facts about the city of Regensburg

Regensburg is one of the oldest and historically most impressive cities in Germany and is the capital of the Upper Palatinate.

The manufacturing sector particularly automotive and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and microelectronics is especially well established in the city. Some of the city’s best-known companies today include BMWContinental Automotive, and BSH Bosch.

Innovative technology industries have gained a special importance in Regensburg; Institutions such as the Regensburg Business Park, the IT storage start-up centre or the BioPark with over 30 biotech companies are part of the future-oriented restructuring of the city. Regensburg companies consequently are heavily involved in the import/export sector and some companies export up to 80% of their goods. Its inclusion in international markets has created expansive and powerful economic potential in Regensburg and in the whole region.

There are around 138,000 people living in Regensburg. The Bishop's seat of the local diocese and three universities with their respective educational institutions have shaped the townscape, and the many students living in the city also contribute to the pleasant atmosphere.  

In 1997, Regensburg was awarded the Europa Prize; this award highlights the immense efforts made with regard to the concept of European integration. In the historic old town, the buildings from the middle ages have been largely preserved; and it is the largest and the most striking of its kind in Germany. In 2006, the old buildings along with the Stadtamtshof were recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site